Are You A Victim or A Victor of the Times? (Decide For Yourself!)

2021 is upon us, and I have an important—if not life-transforming—question to ask.


Are you a VICTIM or a VICTOR of the times?

Let’s face it. We are all fed up with the all-consuming subject that is COVID-19. And if the corona virus wasn’t enough to get your anxiety pumping, perhaps the political climate, racial unrest, or the uncertainty of the road ahead might have you wondering: What DOES my future hold?

There isn’t an American today who is not wrestling in some way with these feelings. But the main difference is this: what are you DOING with these emotions? Have you become paralyzed, overwhelmed, or worse—have you allowed current events become an excuse for apathetic behavior? 

But before this gets too dark and you go back to stress-reading Twitter, let me shine a beacon of hope…help is on the way!

We know this to be true. We as a people have experienced similar cycles throughout history that tell us, This too shall pass.  More importantly, we now know a vaccine is being rolled out that will open the doors for us to socialize in a way that will help restore a sense of normalcy.

Let’s create a worst-case scenario. Let’s say that for healthy, lower-risk Americans, who are not working in frontline positions, the vaccine is still six months away. That would be tough pill to swallow. But we still know there is a light at the end of the tunnel.   

With that in mind, how are you using this unique time to your advantage? Are you evolving to become your best self? Or are you grumbling, just waiting for it to be over? Are you busy complaining or feeling sorry for yourself?  How much time are you wishing for things to change rather than taking the initiative to create change? Have you spent more time and energy on social media and Netflix, or on more constructive disciplines? What about your sleep patterns—have late nights and hitting the snooze button become your new norm?

Let’s change the channel.

What if now is the time to transform? What would it look like for you to use this rare surplus of time to help you blossom from the often overlooked caterpillar to the widely admired butterfly?

Let’s look at some real-life scenarios facing the American people during this pandemic:

  • Most singles are worried about meeting new people
  • Many people are concerned about meeting in public spaces, and therefore, not going out as much
  • Many people are working remotely, and thus have more down time
  • Many of us have put on the “COVID-19”—an endearing term for putting on extra weight during this period of inactivity
  • Homes have become cluttered, serving double-duty as classrooms and remote offices
  • Tensions are rising among families, spouses, and significant others as we are spending too much time together under one roof

These are just a few of the seemingly infinite obstacles plaguing the average household today. 

But what if we turned these hindrances into windows of opportunity?

Let’s play the “What if? Game:


Dating & Relationships

What if you…:

  • …used this time to reflect on old dating patterns and identified areas that are opportunities for growth?
  • …partnered with a Dating Coach to help you find the love you deserve, when it is safe to gather and you finally feel comfortable to date again?
  • …opened an online dating account? Instead of focusing on planning meetups, use this time to enjoy having different types of conversations and to better understand what you like and dislike in the courting process (read this article for more advice on making the most of online dating)
  • …learn to get creative with Zoom and enjoy virtual dating?
  • …joined some of the many virtual groups that are out there? Singles groups, book clubs, fitness groups, cooking clubs…there is a group for everything! This way, you can continue to connect with likeminded people, even while meeting in person is discouraged


What if you…:

  • …chose to read specific books to help expand your mind?
  • listened to podcasts that stimulate your mind?
  • …attended virtual seminars that interest you?
  • …got into the hobby that you always wanted to try? (biking, hiking, cooking, gardening, etc.)
  • partnered with a Coach, therapist, or counselor to overcome your own personal obstacles?

Organize/Declutter/Freshen Up (This is a big one!)

What if you…:

  • …organized your closets?
  • …finally cleaned out your garage, attic or basement?
  • …hired a professional organizer?
  • …refreshed your fridge or pantry?
  • …organized your drawers?
  • …emptied out your car?
  • …cleared out old clothing, accessories, shoes, or toys—what can you donate, purge or toss?
  • …repainted rooms in your home to brighten the look and feel?
  • …installed shelving to help organize your home office?

Health & Wellness

What if you…:

  • …used this time to shed that 10 pounds you’ve always wanted to lose, but never had the time to work out or eat healthy? (Post photos in your living or work space that motivate you to keep moving in the right direction)
  • …finally started drinking 8 glasses of water per day?
  • …began a meal prep plan so you can eat healthy every day?
  • …made all the medical appointments that you are overdue for?
  • …woke up early 3 days a week to exercise?
  • …started taking supplements?
  • …began to delve deeper into your faith?

How many of these bullet points resonated with you? While you can’t tackle every item, select a few that could very well shift your life and perspectives if you were to truly give them your focus.

Don’t wait until America’s doors are open for you to lose that 10 pounds.  Don’t wait to do the work needed to feel good about yourself. Do what it takes NOW, while we have the gift of time. So when the curtains open, you are READY. Take the class. Lose the weight. Hire the coach.  Make the decision today to become your best self.

Don’t let this pandemic steal your silver lining.

For more dialogue, details, and data, don’t hesitate to contact me for a free consultation or email me at 

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