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Craft the ideal profile

So many people struggle to write their online dating profile. It can be more difficult to write a paragraph about yourself than just about anything else. But representing yourself accurately and authentically is crucial to finding your soulmate. 80% of people misrepresent who they are and what they are looking for. The majority of profiles are vague at best, producing ambiguous replies that waste both your time and others’. If you want to know what works and best represents you—that outlines the ideal mate you desire—we’ll partner with you to create the perfect summary. We need 90 minutes of your time and it will buy you back hours of time wasted on pointless interactions. $200


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Photo faux pas

There is a psychology and a mindset surrounding the photos you choose when online dating. The majority of people choose photos that will NOT receive the kind of attention they are looking for. If you would like more authentic interactions, contact us for a 90 min consult to review and access your photo choices. We can help you crack the code and navigate your way to a more successful online dating journey (this is not just about a photo choice, this is about human behavior!) One hour consult $200 Optional professional photoshoot to curate optimal photos (price determined upon consult)


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Is it time for a refresh

Partner with us to help talk through some enhancements.  We are all victim of habits and fall into a fashion rut.  Wouldn’t it be exciting to review your wardrobe, accessories, hair style with a professional who has a keen eye for classic designs? Ladies we also offer free make overs with professional makeup artist Samantha Monize – The best in the industry. $300 per 90 min. consultation.  Makeover by Samantha is separate pricing.


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Online dating Communication techniques

When you respond to your potential matches, your first impression can make or break your success rate. How confident are you in your ability to respond in an authentic way that best represents you? Through a brief coaching session, we can teach you to converse in a world-class way that best represents you and the life you want—don’t short-change yourself OR your future! 90-min. consultation followed by an auditing period, during which we partner with you to respond authentically to your matches in order to achieve the results you desire.  $500  


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