Gem Revealed Podcast Ep. 27: Lola Aparicio – “Whatever It Takes”

This week on the Gem Revealed Podcast: Lola Aparicio. Lola is a top-producing Personal Results Specialist with Tony Robbins, and 3-time Platinum Player of the Year! Lola and I discuss what it means to take massive action and “do whatever it takes,” as well as the difference it makes when you truly know yourself, your “WHY,” and what you REALLY want. 

Lola shares her own inspiring journey, as well as gems of wisdom that will help you attain your own success, and begin to “walk the talk.” 

Lola is so generous in sharing her experience and invaluable insight. On top of her work with Tony Robbins, Lola is now mentoring clients one-on-one who want to achieve their own goals in the same way Lola has. 

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