Gem Revealed Podcast Ep. 29: Things to STOP Doing For A Successful Marriage, with Makar Naguib

This week on the Gem Revealed Podcast: Associate Marriage & Family Therapist and Lead Coach at Elevate Couple & Life Coaching, Makar Naguib.

Makar and I are discussing the things you should STOP doing if you want to have a successful marriage.

Makar Naguib has been serving youth, young adults, and professionals in the Christian community for 15 years. Makar has a diverse career in the financial services industry, serving as an internal consultant to global financial institutions. Makar earned his Masters in Business Administration from the University of Rochester in 2009, and later, out of his passion for healthy families, earned his Masters in Marriage & Family Therapy from the Alliance Graduate School of Counseling at Nyack College. He has completed hundreds of hours of therapy sessions with couples, families, and individuals, and also delivers over one hundred lectures and coaching sessions to these groups each year.

Makar’s service is currently focused on helping committed and married couples gain the fullest experience that God is offering them through their relationships. This work involves skill-building and enrichment for couples with positive momentum, and therapeutic sessions for those facing significant challenges.


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