Gem Revealed Podcast Ep. 36: 4 Common Pitfalls of Dating Later in Life with Makar Naguib

This week on the Gem Revealed Podcast, Makar Naguib is BACK. And we’re discussing the FOUR most common pitfalls of dating later in life.

What are those pitfalls?
💎 Underestimating what you have to offer and, consequently, settling for less than you deserve
💎 Not resetting your expectations for healthy compromise in a relationship
💎 Believing that the stakes are lower than when you were younger
💎 Dating without taking meaningful steps to address personal issues that prevented fulfillment in past relationships

Whether you are single, looking for love after divorce, or about to re-enter the dating scene for the first time in a long time–you MUST 👏 NOT 👏 miss this episode.

Makar Naguib is a registered Associate Marriage & Family Therapist in California. He has been coaching couples and individuals for 15 years. He delivers over 100 lectures each year to audiences across the world, covering marital fulfillment, dating, leadership, and spirituality. He is a guest on national podcasts and a guest blog author on several counseling and coaching websites. Learn more about Makar’s body of work at

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