Gem Revealed Podcast Ep 33: Understanding Frustrating Relationship Dynamics w/ Dr. Shannan Crawford

This week on the podcast: Dr. Shannan Crawford! Dr. Shannan Crawford is a clinical psychologist, leadership consultant, adjunct professor, host of the podcast Unlock U with Dr. Shannan Crawford, and the founder of 7MCulture an organization that strategically helps leaders and influencers recognize and resolve the unconscious blind spots that, if left unaddressed, serve as sources of self-sabotage. Dr. Crawford has invested over 15-years honing strategies for optimal performance for those leading in the creative and entrepreneurial spaces and helping individuals learn how to steward their emotions and work through relationship dynamics so they can thrive in meaningful relationships that foster joy, creativity, and forward progression in purpose. 

Dr. Crawford does not believe in “crazy”; she believes frustrating relationship dynamics are symbolic and need to be understood in the context of a holistic understanding of the interaction between body, soul, and spirit. She intuitively helps individuals identify and overcome areas of self-sabotage by deepening awareness of their internal world to enrich relational intimacy. She loves working with those who are passionate to invest in themselves and willing to put in the work to savor a sweet lifelong love affair with their partner. 

Innovator of Restoring-Self-Cohesion (RSC) approach, Dr. Crawford helps individuals remove the unconscious blocks that have been limiting the spontaneous free flowing enjoyment of being in relationship with a significant partner. RSC is designed to lower defense mechanisms, map, and strategically resolve the root areas of self-sabotage to help creative entrepreneurs remove unconscious blocks, restore internal alignment and cohesion, in order to see creatives, flourish in their craft.


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