Gem Revealed Podcast Ep. 37: Fostering a SACRED Relationship with Brandee Safran & Eric Antonette

I recently had the privilege to speak at a phenomenal summit hosted by Brandee & Eric, and let me tell you—this conversation is a must-listen.

From the young age of 8, Eric Antonette had a strong yearning for connection to spirit and for a connection to something greater than himself. He can remember thinking there has to be more to life than just this physical world and body. That yearning remained strong until his early adulthood when the trappings of life and allure of financial success took over.

Eric retired at the age of 42 when a greater calling took over. He delved into mediation and yoga, and has been a yoga teacher for the past 16 years. He is also a Master Reiki practitioner and teacher. Eric studied in India and is a certified Regression Therapist. He uses all 3 skills in his private practice.

Brandee Safran is a certified Yoga therapist with 25 years experience, a Health coach, and Reiki Healer.

She has pioneered many programs, such as yoga for digestive heath, yoga for pelvic floor , women’s school of ecstatic awakening, and is the founder of NOURISH YOUR SOUL – a membership for women.

She is passionate about helping her students rediscover the BEAUTY and ECSTASY that is inherent in human life!


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