Gem Revealed Podcast Ep. 42: Tap Into Your Emotional Intelligence with Dr. Stevie Dawn

This week on The Gem Revealed Podcast, we welcome Dr. Stevie Dawn!

Dr. Stevie Dawn is a motivational speaker and coach with over 20 years of teaching and training experience. Her experience as a 4-time business owner, along with her work in the private and public sector equips her to help people unleash unstoppable success in their lives both personally and professionally, approaching every engagement with humor, inspiration, and energy to get people moving towards their best lives. She holds a master’s degree in sociology from Wichita State University and a doctorate in leadership from Colorado State University.

We’re talking about EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE–how emotions impact our listening and speaking, reading the emotions of others, and checking in with your own emotions and shifting them.

FIND DR. STEVIE DAWN ONLINE, on all social media as @DrStevieDawn or visit

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