Self-Mastery to Soulmate


You know you want a healthy relationship and an amazing future and you’ve been wanting this for so long and yet it keeps evading you.

Partner with Gem Revealed  in two different ways to help you find the gem within YOU which will then reveal your soulmate.


One on One Coaching

You can begin one-on-one coaching with master life coach Janine Monize, CEO of Gem Revealed.  Your initial session outlines your desired outcome. Then you’ll begin your bi-weekly or monthly  self-mastery coaching sessions.


Is this really for me?  The answer is yes: 

✓ If you would like to attract & maintain a healthy relationship
✓If you need a higher level of self confidence
✓ If you want to break negative habits or self destructive patterns in your life
✓ If you feel compelled to create more passion in your life
✓ If you want to strengthen your mindset, and…
✓ …create a more fulfilling life!


Please note that you may not be ready for a variety of reasons.  If you are in need of additional healing due to a past relationship, we work with Wellspring Coaching and Counseling to help you work through these obstacles in effort to move towards a healthy future.


This includes treatment for:

  • Divorce recovery
  • Addictions
  • Intimacy
  • And much more


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other offerings


Our self-directed Love Growth Academy is a great option for anyone to begin their love life transformation!


This renowned library of self-development courses will transform the way you think and behave, giving you the tools to be confident in creating a long-lasting relationship. 


CLICK HERE to begin your low-cost monthly subscription to Love Growth Academy or email for more info.


We know you want this. We know you deserve this.

Start your new life now.

Dating Wiser

If you are doing any online dating, we will access your profile and help you write the profile to best represent yourself   


Guide you on your profile photos or do a photo shoot 


For one month we can help you respond to your online dating matches- this is in effort to help best represent yourself  ( In order to take this package we would have to have written your profile and take approve your photos.


Make over or enhancement – consulting 




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Start your new life now.

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Self mastery to Soulmate