How does this whole thing work?

First, we get to know you.  We begin to understand you and your core values.

We want to uncover what it is you are looking for and WHY.

Self-Mastery Coaching

Then, we begin your own Self-Mastery Coaching—weekly to bi-weekly one-on-one coaching with CEO, Janine Monize. You also get full access to our self-directed Love Growth Academy—a renowned library of self-development courses that will transform the way you think and behave, giving you the tools needed to build your own self confidence, all while creating a long-lasting relationship.

And while all this is going on

Gem Revealed is also searching for your soulmate.

What's Included
  • Intake Session: Discovery
  • One-on-one Coaching & Love Growth Academy access
  • Professional photos to share with your potential partners
  • As-needed guidance on improvements to physical appearance (hair, clothing, accessories, makeup)
  • A total makeover, if desired!
  • Coaching sessions leading up to your first date
  • Post-date debriefing—let’s find out what worked and what didn’t
  • Free monthly webinar with expert speakers in the field of self-growth and relationships
  • Podcast subscription


**Why is this important:

When your partner is open to self-growth and recognizes the need for ongoing development, you are far more likely to succeed in this relationship journey. Once you find your mate and define yourself as a couple, Gem Revealed then provides short-term relationship coaching to help guardrail your new relationship and set you up for long-lasting success. 

Begin your journey now

We will contact you within 24 hours to review your desired outcome,

our process and design a service that fits your lifestyle.

If you are not ready for matchmaking, but you still want to equip yourself for a healthy relationship

 and a greater future—Gem Revealed can partner with you in several different ways. Click Here.

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Self mastery to Soulmate