Gem Revealed Podcast Ep. 35 – Repairing Your Marriage with Erika Botha

In today’s episode, I had the privilege to sit down with Erika Botha. Erika Botha is a certified relationship coach, with a passion for helping clients find love and happiness. But that’s not to say she hasn’t overcome her share of relationship struggles.

Erika candidly shares with us the marital obstacle course she and her husband battled together, exacerbated by traumatic life events, and how she ultimately healed her marriage and journeyed back from the brink of divorce.

In this conversation, Erika shares practical action steps so that you too can repair your marriage, and so that singles can be proactive about avoiding these common pitfalls in future relationships.

Erika is also a radio and tv host, author, communication expert, and speaker.

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