The Man’s Cheat Sheet: A behind-the-scenes look inside the female mind – Day 1

Men: How would you like to look into a crystal ball and view the female brain and understand what she is thinking?


Well, good news. I may not have a crystal ball, but over the next 3 days, I will be sharing with you the inner thoughts of many women while going through the emotional journey of courtship.

While this is a “broad stroke” summary (each woman is so incredibly unique) there ARE concrete differences in the way the male and female mind operate which leave clues to help you navigate the waters ahead.

Let’s start at the beginning!

My commentary may be rather traditional—some might believe archaic—but I encourage you to read on. There are seeds of truth that withstand the test of time.

Generally speaking, men are innate “hunters”—they love the game of pursuit. Men can compartmentalize much easier than their beautiful female counterparts. Men feel content while working alone, while women enjoy community and sharing their thoughts and feelings. Women are more emotional, more heart-centered. Women are more natural nurturers and want to feel loved.

Lastly, men need to feel respected in order to thrive. *This is extremely important.* Men need to feel as though they can lead, and keep their homes feel safe and well protected. I’m not saying they ARE doing that, necessarily. But inherently, a male wants to feel as though he can provide in order to feel fulfilled. Considering the way men are made, we can assume that women want to feel protected, safe, and taken care of.

The gentleman should create a healthy pursuit and lead her with a high level of integrity. He should make her feel loved and adored.

However, the world today shows us that the above characters are nothing more than actors playing a role in a bad Hallmark movie, with no evidence of the happy ending.

I hear so many of my clients and men in general say “All women are CRAZY!” Dive into any online dating platform and you’ll see virtually all male profiles begging “Please, no drama.”

I guess we can conclude that all women ARE crazy? Or is it possible that both parties have a responsibility that needs to be addressed?

Men: What if we look at some of the chatter that runs through the female brain and keep in mind the vantage points outlined above?

Stay tuned for Day 2…

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