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Gem Revealed- Self Mastery to Soul Mate

A premier matchmaking service designed to help you become the best version of yourself, ultimately leading you to your soulmate. The statistics show us that in today’s culture, one out of every two marriages fail. We want to stop that insanity.

Are you a commitment-minded individual looking to find or maintain a fulfilling lifetime relationship? We use a radically different approach from the traditional matchmakers. How? We focus on YOU—helping you design and create the life of your dreams, independent of a relationship. We then coach you to attain your best life—to equip you for the healthiest, most fulfilling relationship possible.

By the time we introduce you to your soulmate, you will be well on your way to your own personal self-mastery. Results guaranteed.

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Your journey to love

Regardless of where you are on your journey to love, Gem Revealed will help you discover a more authentic relationship than you ever dreamed of.

Do you resonate with any of these issues?:

  • Discouraged in your current relationship or marriage
  • Patterns of unhealthy dating behaviors
  • Insecurities that rule your emotions/actions
  • Trust issues
  • Tired of the online dating platforms
  • Lack of communication techniques
  • Feelings of hopelessness or helplessness

who is this for?

✓ You would like to attract & maintain a healthy relationship
✓You need a higher level of self confidence
✓ You want to break negative habits or self destructive patterns in your life
✓ You feel compelled to create more passion in your life

✓ You want to improve your current relationship or marriage
✓ You want to strengthen your mindset, and…
✓ …create a more fulfilling life!


matchmaking services

We begin to understand you and your core values. We want to uncover what it is you are looking for and WHY.


Then, we begin your own Self-Mastery Coaching—weekly to bi-weekly one-on-one coaching with CEO, Janine Monize, and full  access to our self-directed Love Growth Academy.


This will transform the way you think and behave, giving you the tools to build your self confidence and create a long-lasting relationship.

50% of marriages end in divorce.  Let’s stop the insanity


soul connection

If you are not ready for matchmaking, but you still want to equip yourself for a healthy relationship and a greater future—
Gem Revealed can partner with you in SEVERAL different ways.

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Love Growth Academy
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Dating Wiser
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Self-Mastery to Soulmate
CHOOSe one of these options


Not ready for matchmaking, but you still want to equip yourself for a healthy relationship and a greater future?
Choose one of these options.

Love Growth Academy

Our self-directed Love Growth Academy is a great option for anyone to begin their love life transformation! Feel free to go at your own pace while learning how to master your romantic life.

• love library

Our renowned self-development courses will transform the way you think and behave.

• time to transform

Giving you the tools to be confident in creating a long-lasting relationship.


Begin your affordable monthly subscription to Love Growth Academy.

dating wiser

We have cracked the code to online dating. There IS a science to it, and we want to share it with you. Break destructive online dating patterns.

• Consult

Let us consult you in key areas of online dating to help you change habits that are hindering your desired outcome.

• Includes:

Crafting the ideal profile, choosing your profile photos, a professional make over, online communication strategy, and a robust and comprehensive dating checklist

• Refresh

In order to achieve a different outcome, you must do things differently.


We have affordable and life-changing offers.

Self-Mastery to Soulmate

Begin one-on-one coaching with master life coach Janine Monize, CEO of Gem Revealed. Your initial session outlines your desired outcome.

• Coaching sessions

Bi-weekly or monthly self-mastery coaching sessions help you fast track your own personal search.

• Includes:

Our self directed Love Growth Academy and our self development courses.

• life of your dreams

Begin your self-mastery journey and attain the tools needed to find your soulmate. 


find the love you desire

Gem Revealed Coaching Program

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satisfied clients

Are you ready to date wiser?  

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